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We have several ways to manufacture our Subaru Impreza Styling products due to a huge investment in certain machinery.

Urethane Rigid Foam

This is a high density foam that skins to a hard surface, which is ultra strong and very lightweight. The 2 materials ( Iso and polyurethane ) are processed at exact but extreemly high pressure ( 2,200 psi ) through a Cannon A-System 100 high pressure unit. The mixed foam enters the tool through a mix head and a chemical reaction begins to take effect within a few seconds. The foam can expand up to 30x its own size, but due to 10 ton of pressue exerted onto the tooling, we only let it expand less than twice. This is what forms the hard skin.
This material is especially good for making thicker parts such as spoilers, which normally would need to be hollow due to weight.

Cannon A-System 100 High pressure metering machine;

Aluminium tool being CNC Cut;

Resin Composite tools;

Spoiler manufactured in Urethane Foam;

Polyurethane Solid Elastomer

Vacuum Forming

Hand Laid Fibregalss ( GRP )
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